Electronics and Communication Engineering Department

Guru Nanak Dev University, Regional Campus is the right place for younger generations who have thirst for knowledge and become a leader of the technology advancement. The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the year 2002 at the Guru Nanak Dev University Regional Campus, Gurdaspur to start a 4-year B.Tech. Degree programme. The Department has been successfully catering the needs of the students hailing form different parts of the country and Punjab itself. The department faculty members are experts of their subjects and provide the students a right balance between theory and practical work. Students are counseled from time to time for their personality development and preparing them to face the Interviews. The faculty regularly attends various International/National Conferences/Symposia and Workshops to keep themselves updated.
Department has a licensed version of Optisystem software which can be used in the research work of optical communication field. LabVIEW is another tool available in the department which inspires the students to solve problems, gives them the confidence to continually innovate and successfully complete their unique project. Department also have the various fully equipped labs such as Electronic Devices and Circuits, Communication Systems, Digital Electronics lab etc.


Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab
This lab emphasis on practical aspect of basic electronics and its applications like various rectifier circuits, amplifiers circuits for e.g. Class A, Class B, Class C, Class AB, Push Pull, and transistor configuration such as common base, common emitter and also FET based circuits.
Communication System Lab
It imparts knowledge to the students on the concept of Analog and Digital communications through trainer Kit like AM, FM, PM pulse, ASK, FSK, PSK Modulator and Demodulator.
Digital Electronic Lab
This lab equips students with basic knowledge of digital electronics circuit such as various Digital Gates, Flip Flops, Registers, Counters, Multiplexers and De-Multiplexers, Timers, Encoder and Decode.
Analog Integrated Circuits Lab
In this lab students design the operational amplifiers and IC 555, 565, 566 based circuit for analyzing theirs the characteristics like gain, input impedance, output impudence, frequency, locking range, capture range measurements etc.
Microprocessor Lab
In this lab students learn about the programming concept of 8085 and 8086 from basic to various interfacing cards because these systems are building block for all intelligent system.
Digital Signal Processing Lab
Signal processing lab is very important for the ECE students since it helps the students to visualize and perform signal processing task.
Microwave Lab

This lab encourages the students to work towards the design and analysis of microwave circuits, and components such as antennas, phase shifters, attenuators, VSWR meter, directional coupler, klystron tube, filters etc. for RF, microwave, millimeter wave applications.
Electronic Measuring Instrument Lab
This Lab helps students to study various instruments like Shearing Bridge, Wheat-Stone Bridge, Anderson Bridge, Wein Bridge, Kelvin Double Bridge, CRO, Function Generator, L.V Power Supply for Kelvin Bridge etc.
PCB lab is used by the students to design and fabricate PCBs as per the requirements of their projects. This lab have PCB etching machine, Schering machine, high speed drilling machine, photo film making machine etc.